microfacts software tracks real time spent on cutting jobs, allowing for easier prediction of job costs, better project completion estimates, enhanced security, and more detailed reporting. This standard option on the microcut PLUS WS consists of five main features:

microfacts provides access codes for up to ten different operators as well as two management codes. Management can use its two codes to run reports and configure the system, including defining which features each operator can use. This eliminates machine usage by unauthorized personnel.

Once their codes are enabled by managers, operators need only use their codes at login or during the machine's idle time (see below). When logged in with a valid code, the operator is automatically set up for his preferences of screen color, key response, and operating parameters.

Managers have the option to collect data tied to any access code. The computer can keep track of all mode changes, operations, and times for each job. Users can then extract this real time data in a variety of reports. See REPORT GENERATION below for more details.

If data collection is on, managers also have the option of enabling the idle time feature. Idle time can be set from 1 to 99 minutes. Any time a machine goes unused (without keystroke or knife operation) for the allotted idle time, a screen will appear requesting that the operator indicate the reason for the idle time via the on-screen keyboard.

microfacts allows for multiple types of data transfer: from cutter to computer or, via a network connection (also referred to as cutternet), from one cutter to another. Users can also evaluate data at the machine itself on the microcut console. Time data can only be transferred using a management access code, while job data can be transferred by anyone.

Generate multiple report formats using this fully guided, on-screen feature. Filter for date range, operator codes, job numbers, idle times, and more. View the report on screen or in hardcopy with full detail or in summary form. Reporting aids in evaluating bottlenecks and improving overall work flow at and around the machine.

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