cutternet is the hardware and software that facilitates data flow between microcut PLUS WS units and any PC compatible computer via a network cable. This connection allows for fast, simple reading and storage of key data on machine use and job costs that will help you evaluate bottlenecks and generate true measures of performance and profitability. cutternet fosters enhanced job programming and data manipulation as well: store jobs on a remote networked computer to dramatically increase job flexibility in multi-user shops. And swap jobs between machines through the computer interface.

Employ cutternet in tandem with standard microfacts software and enjoy these enhancements:

  • Store and evaluate operating data on dates, operators, machines, job numbers, and idle time to help evaluate efficiency, productivity, and job costs
  • View data on screen or send to a printer attached to the computer
  • Manipulate the data to make it compatible with your management systems

Different shops require different features, so we've designed cutternet to be adaptable. However, if there are features you require that do not seem to be included with this package, please contact us. We will be happy to investigate your needs and add features if possible, or to consult with the engineers for your existing management system to aid in integrating cutternet into your operations.

Have questions? Email or give us a call at 707.776.4500