Microcut Products
microcut is a state of the art system for controlling backgauge movement on any paper cutter, regardless of brand or size with an intuitive, easy to use operator interface. Please select a product below.
Backgauage Control Systems

microcut PLUS WS
With a full-color, multilingual 12" wide format touch screen and intuitive, easy-to- understand interface this model provides the advanced features necessary to read CIP files and is networkable.
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Microcut COLOR WS
With a full-color, multilingual 10" wide format touch screen and intuitive, easy-to- understand interface makes this model a perfect choice for any machine upgrade not requiring advanced options.
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microcut JR
With an easy-to-read liquid crystal display, this model is designed to automate backgauge movement on any paper cutter, 37 inches (95 cm) or smaller.
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microtrack II
This digital display unit is a cost-effective alternative to replacing damaged glass scales and older metal position indicator bands.
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Clamp / Cut Control Systems

microcut B-65
The B-65 Clamp/Cut Control System can be integrated with the PLUS WS or the COLOR WS to provide a complete electrical system update.
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Many of the features you will find in microcut have resulted from operator's ideas throughout the world. If you have any suggestions, we encourage your input. Where possible, we will make the revisions and update your unit at no charge. Our special thanks to all who have helped make microcut the world leader in cutter automation.

microcut can be installed on any type of guillotine paper cutter that uses a leadscrew for backgauge movement. Other methods of backgauge movement, such as chain or cable drive, cannot assure the accuracy or positioning speed. In these cases it is suggested that either a leadscrew kit be installed or that the machine be replaced.

Important safety note microcut backguage control systems are not intended to control the knife or the clamp on the paper cutter. Anything dealing with the clamp or knife is not to be tampered with or adjusted during the installation or operation of microcut control systems with the exception of a unit installed with a B-65 system. Any alteration to the knife or clamp safeties, circuits, or operation, or any installation technique that compromises the safety of anyone working on or around the machine is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Guarding may need to be altered or added to offer proper protection when microcut parts and assemblies are added to the machine. Never operate the machine until all guarding is complete. All moving parts and hazards must be covered in such a way as to prevent accidental contact of any sort. Any nip, draw-in, crush, or shearing hazard must be evaluated and eliminated.

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