MICROCUT / C&P Microsystems Inc.

MICROCUT / C&P Microsystems' history reflects the experience that has made us the industry leader in automated cutter systems.

In 1977, Graphics West, a printing equipment sales and service company, formed Graphics West Micro Systems (GWMS) to manufacture and sell paper cutter control systems. The first unit was installed in 1978. Development continued with a series of models and in 1980 the 3000 model was introduced.

In 1983 engineering was brought in-house. Thus was born the microcut II with operator prompting. Our own engineering staff has designed all models and systems since that time. Development continued with the introduction in 1984 of microfacts the first integrated real time data collection system for paper cutters, the microcut JR in 1985 and the microcut III 1986

In 1989, Komori purchased Graphics West and GWMS became a fully independent company. Soon thereafter, the company moved to larger facilities and changed its name first to Golden Gate Microsystems and later to Graphic Machinery & Systems to better reflect the company's range of products.

In 1990 the microcut standard and microcut plus with a CRT display were introduced. The company began a development project with DHIL in Korea for a new line of paper cutters and in 1994 introduced the SABER paper cutter to the world market.

The first color microcut units were introduced in 1998 and graphical LCD displays in 2000.

In 2003 Colter & Peterson purchased the microcut portion of GMS and formed C&P Microsystems, LLC, which operates under the trade name of MICROCUT.

The microcut JR and microcut BASIC with graphical LCD displays were introduced in 2004.

The microcut PLUS NT with networking and MICROCIP programming for the conversion of CIP3/4 files were introduced in 2005. MICROCIP was awarded the 2006 GATF InterTech award.

In 2010 Microcut introduced a new generation of control systems the microcut PLUS WS to the world market. This new model incorporates a wide format touch screen with a new graphic interface operating system. The result is an easy to use, highly productive system, with all the features that users have come to expect from microcut.

Along with PLUS WS Microcut presented the B-65 system, a complete clamp/cut control system that can replace an existing control system and is available as an OEM package for new machines.

In 2013 a new generation of our digital display unit, the microtack II was introduced. This unit features a large easy to read display.

In 2014 the Color WS unit was introduced. This 8” wide format touch screen control systems share the same operational interface of the PLUS WS with some of the same features.

Today, microcut, a pioneer in computerized cutter automation, continues to lead the field with over 25,000 OEM and retrofit installations worldwide.

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